The Magical Music of Harry Potter
The Harry Potter series strikes near and dear to my heart. I grew up reading the books all throughout middle school and high school. The Magical Music of Harry Potter was a concert of symphonic music from the movies.  I was tasked with creating the graphics for all the marketing materials. 
I started off my sketching out some ideas based upon some iconic Harry Potter images. I was particularly drawn to the image of Hedwig, the owl. "Hedwig's Theme" is also one of my favorite pieces played during the concert.
Here is Hedwig fully rendered. I aimed to make all the imagery very magical and similar to that of a children's book. 
Social Media Banners
I also created a couple animated GIFs for social media. Here is a sketch of flying keys and my first mock-up of them before I started working on the animation. 
Flying Keys Animated GIF
The flying keys were one of the challenges in the first Harry Potter book/ movie. 
Marauder's Map Animated GIF
The moving feet on the marauder's map is another iconic animation from the third Harry Potter movie. 
Theatre Concert Poster
Marquee Design
Projected Concert Image

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