Postcard Invitation
I was commissioned to design a postcard invitation for an open house for Toole Design Group. The open house is in celebration of their newly renovated Spartanburg office. The office is located in downtown Spartanburg and offers a fantastic view of the annual Spartanburg Criterium which took place on the same date. Toole Design Group is a multi-multidisciplinary design firm with a focus on bike and pedestrian infrastructure.
I was inspired by fractured images that incorporated text. In my head I imagined combining the text for "Open House" with an image of cyclists riding the Crit. 
This image in particular caught my eye. I also pictured the text as more blocky, similar to the font used in Toole Design Group's logo.
I started playing around with blocky text, the image of the cyclists, and fracturing the image. I wasn't quite happy with the result. I attempted to use a "grunge" photoshop eraser tool and while it helped get closer to the affect I was looking for, it was hard to see the cyclists and the text was difficult to read. 
I then came up with this version with the cyclists clearly pictured on the right and the fractured image-text combo on the left. 

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