Season Subscription Campaign
Season Subscription Brochure Design
Every spring, the Binghamton Philharmonic launches a season subscription marketing campaign. The primary element of the campaign is a brochure which is mailed out to past subscribers with highlights from the next season. They also release a season teaser video encouraging people to subscribe. I was tasked with creating both of these elements for the 2023-2024 season subscription campaign.

I started off my design process by doing marketing research and looking at similar season subscription brochures. I really liked how the Australian Chamber Orchestra used a strong, compelling image for their cover. I was also really inspired by the layout used by the orchestra on the bottom left and the use of a header a the bottom of the page used by the orchestra on the bottom right.  
For my design, wanted the brochure to be clean, elegant, and simple. 
Season Subscription Teaser Video
For the teaser video, I was influenced by the teaser video created by the Erie Philharmonic Symphony. Overall, I liked how they panned images and used a mix of different symphonic music from the season. 

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