Other Worlds: Superheroes, Fantasy, and Sci-Fi
Other Worlds is a symphonic concert of music from various popular superhero, fantasy, and Science Fiction movies and shows. I was tasked with creating a graphic for this concert for all the promotional materials.
I was heavily influenced by the images below. I liked how they created a sense of awe and other-worldliness which I felt perfectly fit the theme of the concert. 
Images courtesy of Adobe Express
While I loved the image below on the left, when I tried to use it as the main graphic for the concert, I felt it lacked something. I wanted to see more of landscape of another planet. So I decided to merge the two images below. I especially loved the red and oranges of both images. The bright colors are striking and captivating which is what I was going for. 
Images courtesy of Adobe Express
For the font, I went with an art-deco font. I was influenced by this book cover below. This is a template I found on Adobe Express. I felt the text was the perfect mix of Sci-Fi and Fantasy and fit the other worldly quality I was aiming for. 
Image courtesy of Adobe Express
Here are the completed main graphics for the concert. I came up with both a landscape and portrait version as both are needed depending on the medium. 
Theater Concert Poster Design
Program Book Design
Marquee Design

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