Botanical Garden Magazine Advertisement 
Personal Project
I was inspired to create a magazine advertisement for the Hatcher Garden Botanical Garden and Woodland Preserve in Spartanburg, SC. I wanted to try my hand at creating a magazine ad which marketed something I cared deeply about. This local garden touches near and dear to me as a respite from city life. I strove to convey the beauty and peaceful nature of the Hatcher Garden in my advertisement.
I looked for inspiration from other botanical garden advertisements and discovered a consistent theme of emphasizing the natural beauty with compelling images and sophisticated, elegant text. I was particularly influenced by the advertisements below. 
The Hatcher Gardens were originally a private estate that the owner personally built and then later turned into public botanical gardens. Many volunteers work hard to care for the landscape and it's upkeep. Unlike other botanical gardens, Hatcher Gardens feels more like a walk through an extensive home garden and woods. 
I wound up creating three different magazine advertisements for the Hatcher Gardens using some of the favorite images of the gardens. 

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