Phantom of the Philharmonic
Phantom of the Philharmonic is a symphonic concert of Halloween themed music. I was commissioned to design a graphic for all promotional materials for the concert. The orchestra was concerned that the graphic not look anything like the famous image of the mask used for Phantom of the Opera.
I was inspired by the image below. I liked the idea of using a haunted house and a spooky forest. I especially liked the hues of blue used in this graphic. 
Image courtesy of Adobe Express
For my graphic, I combined the three images below. I recolored the creepy phantom to match the colors of the haunted house image and replaced the haunted house with the Forum Theatre where the concert will take place. 
(left to right) Images courtesy of Pixabay, Adobe Express, and Henry Hernandez
Here is the final design in both landscape and portrait orientation. I add a white glow to the phantom and the text in order to make them pop. 
Program Book Design
Theater Concert Poster Design
Marquee Design

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