Spartanburg Regional Health System
Pedestrian Plaza and Drop-off Plan
Below is a plan for the improved circulation and pedestrian plaza for the hospital in Spartanburg, SC . The objective was to make the hospital more pedestrian friendly and inviting. The new circle drop-off area utilizes flush pavement with bollards for the ease and comfort of those with disabilities. The landscape and pavers signify to drivers the need to slow down and watch out for pedestrians. Both the drop-off area and plaza have plenty of seating for patients, their families, and staff to use and enjoy the outdoors. The beautiful landscaping also provides a scenic view from the inside of the hospital, preferable to the former view of the parking lot.
(above left) A. Drop-off circle and (above right) B. Pedestrian Plaza
Courtyard Plan
The hospital courtyard (Courtyard Plan Below) is a place for patients, their families, and staff to get a respite from the stress of health issues as well as eat lunch. There a food trucks that come around lunch time and provide a welcome alternative to the hospital cafeteria. The inviting landscape also provides a nice view from inside the hospital for those who are unable to venture outside. 
(above left) A. Pergola with seating area and (above right) B. Landscaped path

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